Coombe Place Cencus

Coombe Place1Shiffner Sir George75Independent      No
       Shiffner Lady75         Independent     Yes
       Shiffner Mary45        Independent      Yes
       Shiffner Isabella           40         Independent     Yes
       Shiffner Thomas   40Independent       Yes
       Ellis William        45Male Servant      Yes
       Weoon? Thomas 15Male Servant       Yes
       Eye Thomas        20Male Servant      No
       Redruff Elizabeth         55      Female Servant     No
       Jones Esther25      Female Servant     No
       Brown Mary  25      Female Servant     No
       Johnson Caroline  20     Female Servant     Yes
       Holder Elizabeth 65      Female Servant     Yes
       Casham Dinah     20      Female Servant     Yes
       Barber Esther       15     Female Servant     Yes

House                       NAMES                 AGE           PROFESSION    Born in County

1861   Cencus
   House           NameRelationMarriage      Male  FemaleOccupation                Birthplace

  RectoryShiffner George C. Head      Mar     41Rector of Hamsey             SX Lewes
      Shiffner EmilyDau        Unmar5                                         SX Hamsey
      Shiffner JohnSon          Unmar3                                        SX Hamsey
Shiffner Mary Louis Dau      Unmar1                                         SX Hamsey
Heasman EmilyServ   Unmar26Domestic Cook           SX East Grinstead
Smith AdelineServ      Widow31Ladies Maid                 HUNTS Buckden
Durr? IsabellaServ       Unmar28House Maid                 CUMB. Carlisle
Hogg MarthaServ        Unmar26Nurse                     CHESHIRE Chester
Caplin LauraServ        Unmar17Nurse Maid                     SX Hamsey
Hammond Sara    Serv       Widow19Kitchen Maid                 SX E Marden
Brassfield George Serv       Unmar39House Servant               Northmundham

1881 cencus
Coombe Place  Shiffner George Croxton HeadMar61Baronet, Rector of HamseySussex, Lewes
Shiffner Mary Louisa       DauUnmar21                                    Sussex, Hamsey
Shiffner Elizabeth Frances       DauUnmar18Scholar                         Suusex, Brighton
Eleanor Isabella Shiffner   Dau          12Scholar                        Sussex, Hamsey
Crossthwaite Fanny Gertrude Unmar 34Governess, Private         Ireland, Cork
Channer Lilly              ServantUnmar24Domestic Servant (Lady's Maid) Bucks. Penn
Emery Paulina           ServantUnmar28Domestic Servant (Cook)Sussex, Lewes
Goodall Harriet           ServantUnmar34Domestic Servant (House Maid)Shrops. Norbury
Ansell Candice Ann    ServantUnmar24Domestic Servant (House Maid) Sussex, Lindfield
Olding Sarah Ann       ServantUnmar21Domestic Servant (Kitchen Maid) Hants.
?Burnett Charlotte      ServantUnmar18Domestic Servant (House Maid)London
Gilbert Richard           ServantUnmar        24        Domestic Servant (Footman)Kent, Tunbridge Wells

1851 Census
Coombe PlaceShiffner HenryHeadMar 61BaronetBaronet R.N. 280AC+SSX Hamsey
             Shiffner EmilyWufeMar55                                            CHS Norton
             Smith EdwardServantMar       38      Butler                                         SSX Lewes
            Jenner WalterServantUnmar    25       Footman                                   BRK Wallingford
            Beauchamp William ServantMar      57       Coachman                                         SRY Thorp
            Watts SusanServantUnmar   34   Housekeeper                            NTH Woodford
            Davis EleanorServantUnmar   36Lady's Maid                        ESS Colchester
            Terry Ann      ServantUnmar22   Laundry Maid                     SSX West Firle
           Huckstop Emma    ServantUnmar25    Housemaid                         KEN Margate
           West Lucy     ServantUnmar20    Housemaid                       SSX Chiltington
           Burrows Ann  ServantUnmar23    Kitchen Maid                 YKS Chapel Allerton
          Hubbard Elizabeth   ServantUnmar20     Dairy Maid                    SSX East Grinstead
          Keates Ellen   ServantUnmar17     Scullery Maid                 SSX Fordwater

Coombe Place Shiffner Sir GeorgeHeadMar51Baronet, Landowner , Rector of HamseySX Lewes
Shiffner Elizabeth  WifeMar37                                                     LANCS Winwish?
Shiffner Emily        DauUnmar    15Scholar                                               SX Hamsey
Shiffner John         SonUnmar     13Scholar                                               SX Hamsey
Shiffner Mary Louisa     DauUnmar11      Scholar                                              SX Hamsey
Shiffner Elizabeth Frances Dau    Unmar8Scholar                                             SX Brighton
Shiffner George BridgerSon  Unmar4Scholar                                             SX Hamsey
Shiffner Eleanor IsabellaDau Unmar2Scholar                                             SX Hamsey
Shiffner Frances MarySister  Unmar44Baronet's Daughter                         SX Hamsey
Wilkinson HarriettServant Mar 49House Keeper                              WILTS Downton
Spencer CatherineServantUnmar     28Ladies Maid                          NORTHANTS Oundle
Rolfe Maria          ServantUnmar      28Ladies Maid                             NORFOLK Hilgay
Hogg Martha        ServantUnmar     36Nurse                                    CHESHIRE Chester
Metcalf Jane AnnServant Unmar      31House Maid                            YORKS Staniforth
Eyles Ellen         ServantUnmar       17House Maid                              WILTS Chute?
Bate Esther        ServantUnmar24Kitchen Maid                           SHROP Hawbury
Reeves Maria      ServantUnmar18Scullery Maid                            WILTS Chute?
Simpson Elizabeth      ServantUnmar19Nursery Maid                           BERKS Shefford
Milton Esther Minnie   Governess    Unmar28Governess                          MSEX Marylebone
Wilkinson Henry  Servant Mar46    Butler                                 SHROP Wem?
Crowther Frank   ServantUnmar      24    Footman                                   SX Battle
Miles Alfred         ServantUnmar     23    Groom                                    SX Petworth

        1891 Cencus.
Combe     Shiffner GeorgeHeadMar  71             Rector of Hamsey                      SX Lewes
Shiffner Elizabeth       Wife      Mar  57                                                              LANCS ?
Shiffner Mary      Dau     Unmar       30                                                            SX Hamsey
Shiffner ElizabethDauUnmar    28                                                            SX Brighton
ShiffnerGeorge    SonUnmar    24                                                            SX Hamsey
Shiffner Eleanor  DauUnmar    22                                                            SX Hamsey
Best Louisa P.NeiceUnmar     30                                                              HANTS ?
Irving Agnes    Servant     Unmar     41         Domestic Servant                  YORKS. Bradford
Parker MargaretServant    Unmar    22    Kitchen Maid, Domestic Servant        SX Hamsey
Bridger Alice A.Servant     Unmar    18Scullery Maid, Domestic Servant              SX ?
?Stenning FloraServantUnmar  16House Maid, Domestic Servant            SURREY ?fold
?Edney AgnesServantUnmar    28House Maid, Domestic Servant             OXF. Benson
Wenham AnnieServantUnmar   21House Maid, Domestic Servant           SX Polegate
Everett RebeccaServantUnmar 45Ladies Maid, Domestic Servant     ESSEX Chelmsford
Biggs Louisa J.ServantUnmar   22Ladies Maid, Domestic Servant         MDSX Brixton
Long Henry W.ServantUnmar    27         Footman, Domestic Servant      SURREY Weybridge
McCoy Harry   ServantUnmar   21          Footman, Domestic Servant          HANTS Romsey
Best Arthur W.ServantUnmar   19     Groom, Domestic Servant              SX Hamsey
Wood William D.     ServantUnmar   16Groom, Domestic Servant                  SX Glynde
Hider CharlesServantUnmar      14Page, Domestic Servant                 SX Westmeston

3rd Apr 1881CensusBertie Shiffner, M, Head, married, age 50, born Cheshire; occupation Major 61st Foot RetiredBertie ShiffnerCoomb Banks1881 Census
Uckfield, Sussex
3rd Apr 1881CensusLouisa Shiffner, F, Wife, married, age 45, born BerkshireLouisa Shiffner
3rd Apr 1881CensusCaroline M. Hulse, F, Visitor, single, age 43, born LondonCaroline M. Hulse
3rd Apr 1881CensusEdward Thomas Shiffner, M, Brother, single, age 52, born Lewes; occupation Colonel 54th Foot Active ListEdward Thomas Shiffner
3rd Apr 1881CensusMary Ann Eller, F, Housekeeper, single, age 53, born London; occupation: housekeeperMary Ann Eller
3rd Apr 1881CensusElizabeth Dawes, F, Cook, single, age 26, born Uckfield; occupation: cookElizabeth Dawes
3rd Apr 1881CensusCharlotte Stevenson, F, Housemaid, single, age 18, born Mayfield; occupation HousemaidCharlotte Stevenson
3rd Apr 1881CensusJames Smith, M, Footman, single, age 32, born Maresfield; occupation FootmanJames Smith
1882Directory entryShiffner Major Bertie, Coombe banksCoombe banksKelly's Directory
1888Directory entryShiffner, Major B., Coombe banksCoombe banksBrooker's Guide
At Coombe Banks there are grape vines trained on the huge rocks, which here crop out. It is conjectured the vine has been cultivated here at intervals, as in some other parts of Sussex, from the earliest historical times.��.more

The 34th joined the army in the Crimea later than most, landing on the 9th December 1854. They had to suffer terrible hardship during the winter months around Sevastopol and lost many of their number as a result of ill health, and in battle. In the Russian Sortie of 22nd March 1855 they played a prominent part. Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Denis Kelly narrowly escaped death and was taken prisoner in this action. He was later to become the CO of the regiment in the Indian Mutiny. Also in this action, Lieut William Jordan was killed.

34th Foot, Madras, India
34th in the Crimea
18th June 1855
The best known action in the siege of Sevastopol happened on the 18th June, the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Two main Russian defences were to be attacked on this day. The Malakoff and the Redan. The French were allocated the Malakoff and the British had to storm up to the Redan. The regiments selected for the attack were the 7th, 33rd, 88th, 34th, 57th and the Rifle Brigade, 800 in all, led by Sir John Campbell. The Russians had positioned extra guns in the night, loaded with grapeshot, so when the attack began in the early hours of the 18th the fire-storm directed at the advancing men was horrific. The CO of the 57th was killed and Campbell put himself at their front, leading the attack with Colonel Yea of the 7th. They were well in front of the body of men and both killed. The number of officer casualties was high which demoralised the men and they pulled back from the impenetrable Russian volleys having suffered the loss of nearly half their number. Only two officers of the 34th escaped injury or death. Officers of the regiment killed or died later from this attack were:

Ensign Robert John Browne Clayton, aged 20 and an only son form Aldington Lancs, died from wounds on 12th July.
Lieut H D Alt, killed
Capt Francis R Hurt, killed
Capt John Robinson, aged 29, killed.
Capt John Shiffner, killed
Private Charles Byrne was wounded in the throat. The bullet was removed in Netley Hospital and shown to Queen Victoria who was visiting the wounded there. She ordered it to be set in in a silver cross and presented to him. He also received the DCM when that decoration was instituted in 1862.

Captain John Shiffner fought and died in the Crimean War 1855
34th Cumberland Regiment
This photo of "Miss Shiffner" was taken at the Bayswater Photographic studio of the celebrated French Photographer Camille Silvy. His London studio operated between 1859 to 1867, which probably means that this photograph is of  Miss Louisa Emily Shiffner, daughter of Sir George Shiffner the 3rd Baronet