Sir Giles Fettiplace
Quaker merchant
Portrait of Sir Giles Fettiplace (of Coln St. Aldwyn, co. Glos., d. 1701) reputedly by Frans Hals.
Rebecca Eliot wasthe Grand Daughter of Sir Giles Fettiplace, and she inherited a large portion of his fortune. Rebecca married John Bridger. Sir John Bridger's marriage with Rebecca Eliot brought mercantile wealth into the family and a share of estates principally in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire and in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the United States of America.
The American estates derived from purchases by Fettiplace of rights to tracts of lands in West New Jersey and Pennsylvania. From somewhat discrepant lists of lands taken up, the main properties were:
3700a. on Cohansey Creek and 1500a. on Cader Creek, co. Salem, West Jersey; 2500a. on the River Tokhokkonelkong, 1250a. on the River Rockaway and 1250a. on the River Paquaessing, co. Hunterdon (otherwise Morris), West Jersey; and 1000a. and 1720a. in co. Bucks., Pennsylvania, with plots in the town of Philadelphia. The amount of correspondence on these properties reflects the fear of the English owners for the loss of their rights during the War of Independence and the difficulty in getting their title recognized by settlers on their lands. The disposal of this property took place in about 1806.

Sir John Bridger had one surviving daughter and heiress, Mary, who married George Shiffner in 1787.