The Artwork of Eleanor Barbara Shiffner 1896-1982


Eleanor Barbara Georgina Shiffner was born on 8 Mar 1896 in Doncaster, Yorkshire.
Best known for her rural and hunting scenes of the early to mid 20th centuary including the war years,she was educated and displayed at The Royal Acadamy,and was a Silver and Bronze winning Landseer Scholar. Below is an example of her many paintings, including paintings held in the Shiffner familys private collection..
Check out this link to see her painting of troops leading horses in morning excercise painted in 1918
The painting below is on display at The Gordon Highlanders Museum.
The painting on the left of a gentleman on horseback was sold at auction in Yorkshire in 2011.

antique image


The above painting by "Barbara" Shiffner was sold on ebay in 2013.
The above painting was Auctioned by Bonhams in 2014. Reached a price of $1,000
Portrait of D'Arcey W A Hughes, first headmaster of Exmouth Grammar School 1929 to 1957.

This painting is in Exmouth Museum
Auctioned on an Italian website in October 2014.
Guide price 300 to 400 Euros.
"Barbar" Shiffners Bronze medal,awarded by The Royal Acadamy of Arts.
Chelsea. Battersea Power station in the background
"Unharbouring ye stagg"
The Grove at Scaftworth 19Dec 1922
Scetch for picture entitled RA1923 Oil on paper
Call boys' Derby 1927
Planting potatoes
"Barbara" Shiffner had a sister called Dorothy Mary Shiffner who was also a talented artist. Dorothy however married the son of the 5th Earl of Chichester, and consequently had no need to sell her art in order to make a living for herself.
"Barbaras'" Brother was George Edward Shiffner (known as Edward). After the second world war Edward became a brewer at Greenall Whitley and Co's Wilderspool Brewery in Warrington. His Grandfather (the 4th Shiffner Baronet had married into the Greenall family). Consequently "Barbara" was commissioned to paint many of the companys pub signs.
Wilderspool Brewery 1887
"THE MEET" Exhibited at many exhibitions including The Oldham Spring Exhibition in 1931. Failed to sell for £40 including frame.
Painted in 1927, Callboys Derby was displayed in the following galleries.

Chelsea Salon Gieves gallery 1928
Liverpool 1929
Prince of Wales Exhibition Grafton Gallery 1930
Aquitania 1930
Doncaster 1933
Chelsea Gallery 1951

See lower down for a political cartoon drawn by Dorothy in 1944
The political cartoon below was drawn by Barbara Shiffners' sister Dorothy. There was no Grand National in 1944 due to the war. I'm guessing Dorothy was non too happy about this.
Painting of hunting Hounds by Barbara Shiffner sold at Auction for £400
This painting (1932) of a very famous Fox Terrier called Shian is being sold on the internet for £1,100
Gypsy Caravan painted in 1956
Above is entitled "cheshire landscape", while below appears to be painted from the same spot in 1949
Below is Barbara Shiffners young Nephew George Frederick Shiffner painted in 1941
Below is a self portrait of Barbara Shiffner
"Barbara" Shiffners certificate for completing a four year course in painting at The Royal Academy of Arts
Eleanor "Barbara" Shiffner at a family wedding in 1978     
©M.G Shiffner
Sergeant W Seymour
Homeguard at Ringmer. Painted in March 1942 to raise funds for Ringmer Warship week.
There was a competition to guess how many hours and minutes it took Barbara to paint.
Vivien, painted in 1926, came up for Auction in March 2019. Sold for over the estimate.
"This is a wonderful painting not only because Barbara Shiffner has caught the character of Shian so well but because, unusually we know everything about her. And she is a real character. I attach Shian's biography which was attached to the painting, but also include it here:
SHIAN 1932-41 Malmesbury Private Show 1937/38
5 y.o White Fox Terrier. Bred in Sussex from a line of champions.
Pc gundog, fox dog & rat dog. Efficient at all or none depending on what she feels like. Went to sea at 5 months.
Has, conrary to orders, hunted with the Fanling Vale Drag; And chased sacred deer at Mujajuma.
Has been in prison in Borneo and attended a state funeral in Japan.
Has been the Guest of Honour at a French Banquet, & attended churches, theatres & cinemas and the Seven Seas.
'One ear up, and one ear down
One ear white, and one ear brown'
"everyone loved Shian, but she loved only me"
AY 15 March 1941
Sailed for China with AVSY in HMS Berwick December 1932 "

Winner of the 1929 Epsom Derby